ISBSG Testimonials

Find out how ISBSG has helped clients and customers with their IT projects.

LedaMC has worked for 16 years to optimize costs in IT, to improve the efficiency of software developments. By focusing on the software product, we trust and apply the standard metrics of functional size to IT governance.  LedaMC has developed Quanter (an estimation tool that bases its potential on the functional size of the software).  We look for reliable references to support us and our work. That is one of the reasons that led us to take an active role in ISBSG, in 2014.  We are members of the ISBSG board of directors and work collaboratively with them.

The ISBSG database is extremely useful for benchmarking and for helping companies to place their software developments in the market context. This is enhanced by the large number of projects from different countries that are included with the data.

How can you ensure good effort estimation for your project, if your organization does not have access to an affordable Project Historical Database (PHD)?  Since 1997, ISBSG has been the source of trustworthy, independent project data for the benchmarking of ICT projects.  ISBSG’s data repository increases in size, each year, with the addition of new data points (i.e. projects).  Furthermore, in order to promote a culture of benchmarking, ISBSG generated the ISO 29155 of standards.  ISBSG also established the annual “IT Confidence” conferences, in 2013.

GUFPI-ISMA (Italian Software Metrics Association)  joined ISBSG from its inception.  It offers free access to ISBSG’s Productivity Data Quality tool, as part of its yearly subscription to GUFPI-ISMA members.  ISBSG offers data, information and best practices.

The ISBSG data repository of software projects data is by far the best in its class.  It is very well structured, with very good standardized data definitions and of course a lot of data from all over the world.  I strongly recommend it for both benchmarking and estimation purposes.

I recommend that organizations collect their own data using these ISBSG definitions: this will facilitate both internal and external benchmarking.  I have also formally recommended the ISBSG repository in my book ‘Software Project Estimation: The Fundamentals for providing high quality information for decision makers

As a Six Sigma consultancy company, ISBSG provides benchmarking references if customers want to know their performance when developing software. The ability to bring new products to market fast, faster than competition, is key for survival for most companies.

As most new products contain embedded software, or depend from IT Infrastructure, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment, performance measurements in software development is a key performance index (KPI) for most companies and customers.  Moreover, purchasing software on the base of Cost per Function Points becomes standard practice altogether

METRI is a fact-based IT advisory firm that advises the top 200 companies in the Netherlands and the globally operating system integrators. METRI is a specialist in financial data analysis and provides numerous Estimation & Performance Measurement services for its clients, like for instance Agile Team Performance Monitor, Software Risk Monitor and IT Cost Estimation. METRI helps its customers to make the best possible decisions, based on data instead of gut feeling and opinions. METRI continuously collects relevant market data and combines this data with some trusted external data sources.

The ISBSG dataset is current, validated, trusted and therefore our corporate subscription to ISBSG is an important asset to our organization. METRI Principle Consultant Harold van Heeringen has been active in ISBSG since 2005, from 2011 – 2019, in the capacity of ISBSG president. This shows the value METRI sees in ISBSG and the trust it puts in this organization.

IFPUG is a Gold partner of ISBSG.  As the chair of IFPUG International Membership Committee, which consists of country representatives across world, we have always suggested using ISBSG data repository to address questions like:

  • What is the industry productivity for Java/ Dot Net/ Mainframes projects in the Insurance/ Banking/ Telecom sector?
  • Where does my organization stand when compared to productivity of industry average?
  • My supplier quotes a price per function point of 500 Dollars. Is this realistic?
  • My supplier says he can do this Agile project in 10 months and with 8 people. How likely is it that he can do this? Was it ever done before?
  • What would be an optimal average team size for an Oracle enhancement project of 100 function points?
  • How much functionality will I probably get after 6 sprints of two weeks in an Agile project with 4 team members?

The ISBSG data can be easily analyzed using filters, macros, pivots and other excel tools. ISBSG also offers discounted prices for IFPUG Members who purchase ISBSG products online. The ISBSG data repository is a true asset for anybody who is involved in software project estimation, benchmarking and reporting. I strongly recommend it.”

Nesma, as an ISBSG Gold partner, strongly supports the use of ISBSG data and analysis reports (available for free for our members). These products enable our members and their clients to bridge the gap between sizing, benchmarking and estimation and thus give meaning to the outcome of their sizing efforts.

From a business point of view, it’s important for organizations to know their performance. Without this knowledge, you are ‘in the dark’ regarding the cost of IT projects and Agile teams. ISBSG data sheds light into that darkness.

Nesma, together with ICEAA, is developing the Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge (and certification). The availability of ISBSG data, relevant analysis reports and other materials are a crucial part of this sCEBoK.”

ISBSG data is the best option for validating your estimates of time and quality for software development and maintenance.