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Webinar February

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Speaker: Paula Holmberg, ISBSG Executive Director

15th February 2022. Click here to check your time-zone

Customers often wonder “What information is in the ISBSG data?” and How can the data be used?” This session (not really a webinar) is interactive and allows you to ask questions about the ISBSG data.  We will examine the data, to increase understanding, and demonstrate how it can be used.

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ISBSG data for Process Improvement

Data is a valuable project asset. It guides project estimation, team performance measurement, vendor contracting and benchmarking. Discover how data can be used to improve the IT processes of your organization.

Planning for Productivity

Luigi Buglione, President of Italian Software Metrics Association, discusses the ‘Planning Game’. This strategy describes how to improve  project estimations, using correct productivity levels.

Benchmarking to Improve Performance

Pekka Forselius, Senior Advisor to FiSMA, examines ISBSG, a driving force behind the international standard for IT project performance benchmarking. Learn how benchmarking can be simplified to improve project performance.

Harry Potter and the 7 Secrets of the IFPUG Function

Julián Gómez, Brand Manager LedaMC discusses the 7 key points of function point methodology: product focus, improved communications, contextualizing software developments, method standardization and certification.

Function Point Sizing

Julián Gómez, Brand Manager at LedaMC, discusses the 7 key points of function point methodology. These include: product focus, use by the international community, improved communication between Business and IT, use of indicators to contextualize software developments, standardization of methods to enable comparisons and finally, certification.

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Successful Software Project Delivery

Successful software delivery relies on: accurate planning & estimation, managing scope, using correct resources and methodologies, being AGILE and innovative.

Benchmarking Agile Teams

Standardized functional sizing methods can produce KPIs that compare teams and benchmark their productivity against independent data sources.

Software Sizing as an Essential Measure

Software sizing is an essential measure. Learn about its use in evaluating open source and other software code.