Presentations from the 2020 ISBSG IT Confidence Conference.


Agile Project Estimation

A case study of an Agile project. Learn how estimations of: effort, costs of and testing requirements, were produced in a tight timeframe.

Software Sizing

Determining software size is a critical step. This presentation presents an overview of early software sizing techniques available.

Agile Benchmarking

Learn about experience-based and research-based benchmarking in agile. This includes: client reactions to agile and trends in agile methods and practices.

Cosmic Estimate Validation

This case study describes a validation estimates model based on COSMIC sizing. The model uses a density function to help define validation criteria.

Project Data Validation

This analysis compares the data from the AMMS database and the studies carried out by ISBSG.

Outsourcing Measurement

Cybersecurity Cost Data

It is extremely costly to defend against a cybersecurity attack. Studies indicate that a typical breach is not detected for 200 days. Learn about approaches for estimating costs for cybersecurity.

Measuring Microservice and Cloud Applications

Counting examples will be presented in cloud architectures, highlighting critical aspects of functional measurement . This will show their relevance on the accuracy of the results.

Application Portfolio Estimation

Organizations should prioritize software investments. Better estimations enable limited resources to be used in the most efficient way.

Software Benchmarking Tests

Testing is an essential area of the software development lifecycle. Testing density can be measured and benchmarked. Learn how to measure tests, defects, test density and predict reliability.