Software Industry

A presentation, in Spanish, from AMMS.

Productivity and Defect Statistics

Learn more about productivity and defect statistics from the software industry in China.

Simple Functional Sizing

A detailed discussion on how the use of patterns can provide a faster way to estimate the functional sizing of applications. 

Project Size Effort Duration

A presentation, in Spanish, examining the relationship between software project size, effort and duration.

Software Products

A presentation, in Spanish, from leading software development productivity company, LedaMC.

Software Product Documentation

Save money and improve the quality of software projects with effective product documentation.

Agile Functional Sizing

Brazilian IT company, TI Métricas, draw upon their experience in the software industry to examine functional sizing methods, including Agile.

Cost Risk Analysis

Cost Risk Analysis of Managing Modernization Projects With Cloud and Open Source Considerations

by Dan Galorath (President and CEO of Galorath Inc)

This presentation examines the management of modernization projects, within cloud and open-source environments.

Read Dan’s presentation