Floss Sustainability

Measuring the sustainability of free/libre, open-source software (i.e. FLOSS) which is developed by the collaboration of programmers.

Data Modelling

Historical IT project data can be used for data modelling.  This is to enable forecasting of: project costs, schedules, defects and effort.

Software Rates

Software rates versus function point price? Discover the importance of FP Price and other normalized indicators against typical man hours used in software projects.

Managing Projects on Budget

A discussion of: the key points when undertaking a modernization project and the use of Open Source and the costing of Cloud-based solutions.

Accurate Estimations

Realistic and accurate estimations play an important role in the success of a project. Historical software project data supports accuracy.

Productivity and Software Size

An examination on the effect of: project size on productivity and the effort spent on phases of the project lifecycle.  Agile projects are considered.

Reduce Project Costs

The use of accurate software measurement and benchmarking is shown to be a significant way to save project costs.

Cosmic Benchmarking and Estimation

This presentation discusses the benefits of using Cosmic function points for the benchmarking and measurement of software projects.