Agile Team Effort

This addresses why agile development teams should ignore estimates and focus on development tasks. New strategies should also be adopted.

Agile Benchmarking

A summarization of Agile studies is presented: 016 benchmarking results, Agile adoption, Agile and CMMI, Agile scaling and building an Agile culture.

Software Costs Versus Rates

Show the main conclusions from the Cost per Function Point vs Rates studies carried out by LEDAmc. Quality performance vs productivity indicators in two real scenarios, are discussed.

Software Data Collection

This presentation expands the definition of software data and its scope.  It also discusses the needs of next generation IT projects.

Estimation Improvement

A large proportion of software projects are delivered over-budget and behind time. Accurate project estimations are needed to overcome this issue.

Cloud Solutions

This presentation explores cloud computing and cloud solutions. It provides: an overview of the implications and costs of migration to the cloud and it uses a case study to demonstrate migration of the ‘same’ capability in each of the three cloud solution scenarios.

IoT Measurement and Estimation

A discussion of IoT frameworks, adopting a customer-driven approach and cost estimation.

Cloud Costing

An in-depth analysis of cloud-based computing. It includes: cloud total ownership costing, consideration of technologies, costs and benefits.

Data-Driven Cost Estimation

This presentation examines the impact of private and public industry data on cost estimation of software projects.