Software Project Cost

Implementing productivity models helps in the understanding of Software Development Economics, which up to now is not entirely clear. Most organizations believe that the only way to achieve improvements is lowering software rates.

Software Business Improvements

In an IT context companies struggling to increase profits and often view IT as a necessary evil: one that consumes resources rather contributes to the bottom line. These organizations often don’t see value in data collection analysis or benchmarking either. However, IT can be a significant contributor when IT decisions are made after measuring and estimating both cost and return.

Process Improvement Benchmarks

Organizations are constantly pressured to prove their value to their leadership and customers. A relative comparison to “peer groups” is often seen as useful and objective, so benchmarking becomes important.

Software KPIs

This presentation provides a walkthrough of application development KPIs that were used to understand the performance of a 6,000 Function Points program. This program composed of 18 modules/projects was delivered in 20 months consuming over 220,000 hours. Several analysis were performed during the program execution but the presentation focus on the final results and lessons learned.

ISBSG Data Analysis

As corporate subscribers and partners to the International Software Benchmarks Standards Group (ISBSG ), PRICE has access to a wealth of data about software projects.

Software Cost Estimation

The Total Cost Management Framework of the Authority for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International is an integrated approach to Project Management.

Application Lifecycle Management

Requirements play a crucial role in the definition of the boundaries and identity of a project: their traceability, correct development, sharing with the stakeholders and validation determine the project failure or success. Moreover, Quality Assurance (QA) processes facilitate project management activities.

Software Testing Effort

The presentation discusses key test effort data on: development/enhancement projects, business applications, real-time applications.

Software Estimation Accuracy

Using data from completed software projects in the ISBSG repository, we will look at how people have gone about estimating their software projects and how well they did it. We will look at estimation techniques used, the accuracy of estimates and relationships between the estimates.

Software Analytics

One of the core considerations with data analytics is recognizing “what is your quest”.  Many options and approaches are used in data analytics, several of which are of interest to the software sector.