ISBSG Productivity Data Query Tool

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There are 2 ways to use the Productivity Data Query.

  1. Select your filter and select the attributes for your project. You can see the statistical range of each attribute and make your judgement based on that.
  2. Select your filter, attributes and enter your Estimate project size to ascertain the statistical range for your project.

Step 1 – Enter the filters for your project.


Step 2 – Select all the attributes to include in estimate.

  • Project Delivery Rate (hours/function point)
  • Speed of Delivery (function points/elapsed month)
  • Defect Density (defects per 1000 function points)
Project AttributesProject Delivery RateSpeed of Delivery Defect Density
Matches1st QuartileMedian3rd QuartileMatches1st QuartileMedian3rd QuartileMatches1st QuartileMedian3rd Quartile
Primary Programming language
Organisation Type
Application Type
Maximum Team Size
Web Development
Count Approach
Intended Market
Development Platform

Step 3 – Enter your Function Point count and click Estimate. The projects selected for the result will contain ALL the attributes selected. Select wisely as selecting too many attributes may limit the amount of data to be included in your result.

EstimatesProject Delivery RateProject Work EffortSpeed of DeliveryProject Duration
Level 1 Dev Team(hours per function point)(Hours)Function points per month(months)
1st Quartile
3rd Quartile

ISBSG Data Version: 3.1