Submit your Project Data

Thankyou to all those IT and Metrics organisations that have submitted their project data to us.  Without their generosity, we would not have our highly-respected Data Repositories.  For us to continue providing knowledge to the IT industry, please support us and submit your project data.

Rewards for submitting Data

Let us show our appreciation for your support.  Receive free ISBSG products when you submit your data to us.

Submit 1-4 Projects & Receive:
Project Benchmark Report
Submit 5-50 Projects & Receive:
Project Benchmark Report
ISBSG report of your choice (see report list)
1 month subscription to the Productivity Data Query Tool (read more)
Submit 50+ Projects & Receive:
Project Benchmark Report
Receive all ISBSG reports with a Report Subscription (see details)
1 year subscription to the Productivity Data Query Tool (read more)

Note: Submitted projects must be rated A or B to be eligible for this offer.

How To Submit Data

Development and Enhancement (D&E):

Use one of these methods to send us your data for Development & Enhancement projects:

– Download and complete a concise Excel spreadsheet template  or

– Download and complete a detailed Excel spreadsheet template  or

– Fill out a Data Collection Questionnaire (ideal for single projects) or

– Use the Total Metrics SCOPE tool. Download this free tool now

Maintenance and Support Applications

– Download the Maintenance and Support Data Collection Pack 

We value your privacy

Your privacy is important to us.

We guarantee the confidentiality of all organisations that submit data to us. The data cannot be traced back to its originating company.


If you have any questions on how to submit data, please contact us.