ISBSG Software Project Data

Software project data is submitted to the ISBSG from many different IT and metrics organisations.  These organisations have an interest in benchmarking, themselves, or wish to support the world’s only “open” repositories of IT project data.

The ISBSG software metrics data can be used to assist you with:



Project management

Infrastructure planning

Outsourcing management

Standards compliance

Budget support

Bid planning

We’re Serious About Data Quality

All data submitted to ISBSG is rigorously checked and cross-checked for quality, before being added to our Repositories. Each project is then assigned a rating code (A, B, C or D) to denote its quality rating.

The ISBSG data is trusted and used by some of the most significant companies in the industry. Analyses of the ISBSG data have been compared with analyses of other industry data and found to be consistent.

ISBSG Data Repositories

isbsg benchmark
  • Development & Enhancement Repository
  • Well-respected organisations from around the world have contributed their software project data to the Development & Enhancement (D&E) Repository.
  • Some quick facts about the D&E Repository:
    – Consists of more than 9,592 software projects
    – Projects developed in 26 different countries
    – Wide variety of industry and business types represented
  • The data includes:

    – Project description details
    – Size and size attributes
    – Effort and effort attributes
    – Defects
    – Project schedule details
    – Effort per phase
    – Architecture
    – Techniques
    – Documentation used
    – Platform details

  • Download a copy of the D&E Demographics Report.
  • Maintenance & Support Repository
  • A varied range of organisations (including Outsourcing companies) have contributed their application data to the Maintenance & Support Repository.
  • Some quick facts about the M&S Repository:
    – Consists of approximately 1,177 applications
    – Applications from around the world
    – Wide variety of industry and business types
  • The data Includes:
    – Organisation description details
    – Application description details
    – Effort breakdown for Maintenance activities
    – Effort breakdown for Support activities
    – Effort per application size rates
    – Defect counts
    – Platform
    – Hardware
    – Programming Languages Used
  • Download a copy of the M&S Demographics Report

ISBSG Resources

Read the Use Case: Independent Estimate/Supplier Proposal Review.  This is a more detailed study on the importance of accurate estimates.

Find out about the challenges in Productivity Measurement faced in the software industry.  Learn how ISBSG data can be used to benchmark productivity of completed projects, releases and sprints.

Support ISBSG and Submit Your Project Data

Help us to benefit the IT industry by submitting your project data to our Repositories.

Data can be submitted to us via an Excel spreadsheet (recommended for large volumes of data) or by using one of our Data Collection Questionnaires.  Learn more.

Your privacy is important to us.  We guarantee the confidentiality of all organisations that submit data to us.  The data cannot be traced back to its originating company.