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ISBSG Data Analysis

Basic ISBSG Data Analysis in Excel

This user-friendly guide leads you through the steps required to generate Project Delivery Rate statistics from the ISBSG Data.  These statistics are based on a sub-set of ISBSG projects that closely match your own project/s. You can then use this information to benchmark your project.

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ISBSG Terminology

For definitions of ISBSG terminology, download your copy of the ISBSG Glossary

Productivity Measurement

Productivity Measurement of Software Projects

In this industry report, challenges in Productivity Measurement in the software industry are addressed.  Learn how ISBSG data can be used to benchmark productivity of completed projects, releases and sprints.

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Software Cost Estimation

Read this case study about a company implementing a replacement IT system.
An independent cost estimate is carried out by a third party.  Accurate estimations are essential to ensure a successful project.

Follow this case and the steps that were carried out in the following case study:  Case Study: Software Cost Estimation for a Large Trading Company.

ISBSG Webinars

ISBSG is joining with industry partners to present a series of monthly webinars.  Webinars will cover a range of topics relevant to IT project planning and estimation.  Find out more details about webinars.

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