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ISBSG has a wealth of resources (i.e. reports, articles, conference papers and videos) on a wide range of software management topics. These topics include: productivity, planning and estimation, benchmarking, agile, maintenance and support, project control, outsourcing and sizing your project.

ISBSG resources are written by IT and metrics professionals, who are leaders in their field of expertise.

isbsg webinarISBSG Webinars

ISBSG webinars are presented by guest speakers who share their expertise in software metrics. Choose from our list below.

Practical Applications of ISBSG Data

Harold Van Heeringen has extensively used ISBSG Data as a benchmarking tool for client organizations. In this webinar, Harold uses his expertise to demonstrate how ISBSG data (in Excel-format and via the ISBSG Productivity Data Query Tool) can be used to improve estimation and planning.

Re-evaluation of Estimation Study Results using ISBSG Data

This webinar evaluates any differences between replications of research studies that used ISBSG data, to estimate software-effort.

ISBSG data for Process Improvement

Data is a valuable project asset. It guides project estimation, team performance measurement, vendor contracting and benchmarking. Discover how data can be used to improve the IT processes of your organization.

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Analysis of Velocity (Speed of Delivery)

The differences between the Agile concept of velocity and the traditional  idea of delivery speed is discussed. The results from analyzes of Velocity (Delivery Speed) of recent, Java projects in the ISBSG repository is displayed. In particular, the Delivery Speed of projects within different functional-size groupings is considered.

software cost

Project Cost per FP

‘Cost per Function Point’ is an industry best practice to ensure that both the customer and the supplier benefit from high productivity. This short paper analyzes the cost and functional size of projects from the ISBSG Repository.


CRM Projects

This short paper determines whether there are key factors that influence the productivity and delivery speed of CRM projects.


Legacy Applications

This short paper examines a high-level business case to to rebuild a Cobol legacy application in Java. ISBSG Data, for similar Java projects, provides metrics for: cost, effort, maintenance and support. This information is used as the basis for the business case.

isbsg resources

Cobol Projects

We examine number of COBOL Projects submitted to the ISBSG Repository, since the year 2000. The median Project Delivery Rates are compared to determine whether there has been an in increase in productivity for COBOL projects.


Output Based Contracting

In this short paper, we explain the way ISBSG data can be used to contract application development teams based on output instead of the usual Time & Materials method.

Industry Tools

View a list of software industry tools that use ISBSG data.

isbsg tool

Productivity Data Query Tool (PDQ)

You specify your project attributes then the interactive, ISBSG PDQ displays similar projects from the ISBSG Development & Enhancement Repository. Productivity estimates are generated from this data.  The estimates can be used as a benchmark for your project.

The generated estimates are: software project effort, project delivery rate, project duration, defect density, project effort and speed of delivery.

Find out more details on how to use the PDQ.

SEER® by Galorath

The ISBSG Data can be used with SEER® by Galorath. From complex software projects to intricate manufacturing processes, Galorath’s SEER suite of tools enable project managers, cost analysts and engineers to make timely, accurate and insightful decisions. Seer tools allow you to identify, evaluate and manage the complex array of cost, labour, schedule, reliablity and risks associated with an organisation’s critical projects.
For more information visit the SEER® by Galorath website or contact Galorath

isbsg partner

Experience Services

4SUM Partners’ Experience® tools help software acquirers, suppliers and IT management consultants in scope-management related tasks.  This includes: project effort estimation, change management, progress reporting and data collection. Experience® Service is web based and supports functional size (i.e. FiSMA, IFPUG, NESMA & Cosmic) measurement. It provides best-fit ISGSG data for project effort estimation. It can be used from early estimation through to final data collection and benchmarking.

For more information, visit the 4Sum Partners website

isbsg tools


Unison’s Trueplanning enables software managers to improve program planning, decisions, and outcomes. It produces activity-based estimates of cost, schedule and uncertainty using TruePlanning integrated framework with validated, predictive models for a standard, repeatable, modelbased, cost engineering process based on the organization and technical solution being produced.

For more information, visit the Unison Cost Engineering website or contact Chief Scientist,

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Accurate estimations are essential for the success of your project.

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Determine the factors that impact your project’s productivity.

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Learn about productivity, estimation and team size in Agile.

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Compare your project’s estimates to the best in the software industry.

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Maintenance & Support

A significant proportion of your IT systems’ budget may be spent on maintenance and support.

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Learn about the importance of software size, as an important factor in estimating cost.

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Discover how customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness and quality can be maintained with outsourcing.

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Project Control

Learn about the factors that affect the schedule and budget of your project.

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