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The importance of software project productivity

Improvements to software productivity can help to produce better project outcomes.  This is achieved through: lower costs and increased revenue, successfully meeting delivery dates, improved quality, greater project control and opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Improve your software project productivity

Read articles on project productivity, by leading software metrics experts.

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Cobol Projects

We examine number of COBOL Projects submitted to the ISBSG Repository, since the year 2000. The median Project Delivery Rates are compared to determine whether there has been an in increase in productivity for COBOL projects.

No-Code Low-Code

“Low Code/No Code” is a new development paradigm. It shortens re-development times (and costs) when an organization decides to move software system/application from old, legacy architecture to a newer, more maintainable one.

Using ISBSG Data to Measure Team Performance

Calculate key 'market average' metrics from ISBSG data. These metrics can then be used to benchmark your team's performance.
agile control

Productivity per Industry Sector

Learn more about the productivity of medium-sized projects in various industry sectors.
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Productivity Improvements for Java Projects

Java is a powerful, programming language used for many applications. This short paper compares the productivity of different-sized Java projects.
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Performance Metrics in Contracts

By incorporating standard metrics into IT contracts, it becomes possible to measure the performance of the vendor. Find out more about the key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used in IT contracts, in our ISBSG short paper.

Productivity of .NET projects

.NET is a popular developer platform used to build applications. .NET productivity data from the ISBSG Repository is analysed in a short paper.

Productivity Trends

This short paper analyses the data from the ISBSG Repository for software project productivity trends.

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

This short paper examines the delivery speed of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects, from the ISBSG Repository.

Analysis of Delivery Speed

This short report focuses on software written in Java, a widely used programming language used for a variety of popular applications. The delivery speed of Java applications, from the ISBSG repository, will be examined.

Productivity Improvements

The ISBSG Development and Enhancement Repository contains data for software projects that can track productivity improvements.

Software Productivity Versus Speed

The Project Delivery Rate of a project expresses how many effort hours were spent, on average, to create one function point. Speed expresses how many function points are created per calendar month. So there is a relationship since both metrics refer to effort and time. The question is: “How are these metrics related?”

Low-code Project Productivity

A high-level analysis is given of the productivity differences between traditional languages, such as Java or .Net and low code technologies (i.e. drag and drop).

Java Project Productivity

Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. There is a lot of available data of Java projects in the  2021 ISBSG Development & Enhancement repository - over 2000 projects. This short paper examines the productivity of these projects.

Software Productivity Measurement

In this industry report, Challenges in Productivity Measurement in the software industry are addressed and the way ISBSG data can be used to benchmark productivity of completed projects, releases and sprints is explained.

ISBSG data for Process Improvement

Data is a valuable project asset. It guides project estimation, team performance measurement, vendor contracting and benchmarking. Discover how data can be used to improve the IT processes of your organization.

Planning for Productivity

Luigi Buglione, President of Italian Software Metrics Association, discusses the ‘Planning Game’. This strategy describes how to improve  project estimations, using correct productivity levels.

Cybersecurity Cost Data

It is extremely costly to defend against a cybersecurity attack. Studies indicate that a typical breach is not detected for 200 days. Learn about approaches for estimating costs for cybersecurity.

Software Industry

A presentation, in Spanish, from AMMS.

Productivity and Defect Statistics

Learn more about productivity and defect statistics from the software industry in China.

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