Project Estimation Tools That Use ISBSG Data

The ISBSG is proud to have their project data used by a number of leading software companies.

The results are effective project estimation tools that will assist you with the planning and management of your software project.

Note: The ISBSG does not endorse or recommend any particular tool or tools. Other tool vendors who wish to collaborate with the ISBSG should contact us.

Productivity Data Query Tool 

The ISBSG Productivity Data Query Tool is an interactive tool.  You specify your project attributes then the tool finds similar projects from the ISBSG Development & Enhancement Repository. Productivity estimates are generated from this data.  The estimates can be used as a benchmark for your project.

The generated estimates are: software project effort, Project Delivery Rate, Project Duration, Defect Density, Project Effort and Speed of Delivery.

Download the Productivity Data Query Tool User Guide for details on how to use the tool most effectively.

SEER® by Galorath

The ISBSG Corporate Subscription data can be used with SEER® by Galorath. From complex software projects to intricate manufacturing processes, Galorath’s SEER suite of tools enable project managers, cost analysts and engineers to make timely, accurate and insightful decisions. Seer tools are powerful and analytical.  They allow you to identify, evaluate and manage the complex array of cost, labour, schedule, reliablity and risks associated with an organisation’s critical projects.  
For more information visit the SEER® by Galorath website or contact Galorath

Experience Services

4SUM Partners’ Experience® tools help software acquirers, software suppliers, and IT management consultants in all scope management related tasks.  This includes project effort estimation, change management, progress reporting, and project data collection.  Experience® Service is web based software as a service.  It supports effective use of Functional Size Measurement throughout the development life-cycle.  Easy access to best matching ISGSG data points needed for one’s project effort estimation is provided.

Experience® Service supports use of FiSMA, IFPUG, and NESMA FSM methods.  It can be used from early estimation through detailed baseline measurement to final data collection and benchmarking.  COSMIC and Mk II effort estimation are supported too.

For more information,visit the 4Sum Partners website

SCOPE Project Sizing Software

Project data can be collected and directly sent to the ISBSG using the Total Metrics SCOPE Function Point Counting and Benchmarking software. The SCOPE Connect™ option enables online interactive benchmarking of your Project and data against the latest ISBSG data.  Download a FREE copy now, submit your data and get your free ISBSG Benchmark report.

Developed by Total Metrics, SCOPE function point counting software collects ISBSG and IFPUG compliant metrics data.

SCOPE has a host of features. This includes:

  • accurate project functional sizing and tracking
  • quantitative profiling of your function points for estimating effort
  • multi-lingual interface
  • quantitative asset management of your software portfolio
  • portal analytics reporting
  • interactive online benchmarking against ISBSG data
  • more than 70 different management metrics reports.


PRICE Systems’ Trueplanning® helps software managers achieve project success.  Trueplanning®, combined with the ISBSG database, can provide a “true” view of software project costs. This ensures that cost and schedule estimates are realistic and based upon real program results.

Trueplanning® streamlines unbiased trade-offs among scope, schedule, and budget. It provides decision makers with all the information necessary to plan and manage the development of complex IT projects.   The ISBSG data points can be imported directly into the Trueplanning® framework. Powerful data and analysis features are then applied to stratify data, determine trends and establish cost/effort estimating relationships.  A methodology has been created and automated that maps the ISBSG data items into cost drivers to facilitate calibration studies.  For more information, contact our Chief Scientist:


Function Point WORKBENCH™

Function Point WORKBENCH™ from CHARISMATEK Software Metrics provides a complete implemention of the Function Point Analysis technique. This is used for sizing, estimating and evaluating software. The WORKBENCH is specifically designed to be scalable. It can be effectively used by individual counters as well as for large distributed IT environments.  It provides an ideal tool for all your software sizing needs.  This includes: software definition, project estimation, outsource management, benchmarking, project control and cost negotiation. The WORKBENCH provides complete support for the IFPUG and NESMA Functional Size Measurement Methods.  It generates a range of both individual count and portfolio reports, exports counts using standard XML and CSV formats.  It interfaces with leading software project estimation tools. The WORKBENCH’s function point size Approximator utility draws on the ISBSG data which is also used in the WORKBENCH analysis reports