Our Partners

We’d like to present our partners to you.  They represent IT / Metrics organisations and associations from around the world.  They offer some of the highest metrics expertise worldwide.

ISBSG Data Collection and Analysis Partner

spi china isbsg

China System and Software Process Improvement (SPI) Association
Qun Huang
M:+8611 992 425
E: huangq@ssmchina.org
W: www.spichina.org.cn

ISBSG Gold Partners


Beijing Kexin Science and Technology Ltd
Henry Wang
P: +86-010-61150056
M:+86 139 102 25707
E: wanghaiqing@ssm-ug.org
W: www.ssm-ug.org


fisma isbsg

FiSMA (Finnish Software Measurement Association)
Mr Pekka Forselius
P: +35 8505 160416
F: +35 8934 42771
E: pekka.forselius”at”4sumpartners.com
W: www.fisma.fi


gufpi isbsg

GUFPI-ISMA (Gruppo Utenti Function Point Italia – Italian Software Metrics Association)
Luigi Buglione
P: +39-335.1214813
E: luigi.buglione@gufpi-isma.org
W: www.gufpi-isma.org


jfpug isbsg

JFPUG (Japan Function Point User Group)
Masayuki Kajiyama
E: kajiyama@yhat.co.jp
W: www.jfpug.gr.jp


amms isbsg

AMMS (Mexican Association of Software Metrics)
Dr. Francisco Valdés Souto
E: francisco.valdes@amms.org.mx


nesma isbsg

NESMA (Nederlandse Software Metrieken Gebruikers Associatie)
Harold van Heeringen
P: +31 (0)6 52327330
E: office@nesma.org & harold.van.heeringen@metrigroup.com
W: www.nesma.org


leda isbsg

Raúl David Fernández Rodríguez
P: +34 917 000 373
E: europa@leda-mc.com
W: www.leda-mc.com

United States of America

galorath isbsg

Dan Galorath
P: 1 (310) 414 3222
F: 1 (310) 414 3220
E: galorath@galorath.com
W: www.galorath.com
International (headquartered in USA)

ifpug isbsg

International (headquartered in USA)

IFPUG (International Function Point Users Group) 

Pierre Almen
F:+ 1 609 799 7032
E: ifpug@ifpug.org
W: www.ifpug.org

ISBSG Bronze Partners


cosmic isbsg

COSMIC (Common Software Measurement International Consortium)

E:  info@cosmic-sizing.org

W: www.cosmic-sizing.org

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