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    October 8th and 14th 2021

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The annual

ISBSG IT Confidence Conference

is an opportunity for IT professionals to hear the latest news on:

project benchmarking, estimation & planning

You don’t have to leave home to attend the IT Confidence Conference.

Join us via Zoom on your laptop or mobile device, wherever in the world you are.


Important Conference Dates

The conference will be held on 8th October 2021, then repeated on 14th October 2021.  This is to enable the attendance of those from different time zones.

14th October

18.00 PM CEST (Central European Summer Time)  suits attendees in:

  • New York 12.00 PM
  • India 21:30 PM
  • Los Angeles 9.00 AM
  • Mexico 11.00 AM
  • Brazil 13.00 PM

Conference Program

You will earn 1 professional development unit (PDUs) for the Project Management Institute (PMI), for each talk you attend.

8th October 2021

Time (CEST) and DurationSpeaker/sPresentation
9:00 (20 minutes)Pierre Almen, ISBSG President / Paula Holmberg, ISBSG CEOIT Confidence 2021: An Introduction
9:20 (40 minutes)Harold van Heeringen, Principle Consultant at MetriAgile Teams Performance Measurement – How to measure and benchmark team value creation
10:00 (40 minutes)Luigi Buglione, Measurement & Process Improvement Specialist at Ingegneria Informatica SpAThe Third Way and the emergency of historical data: from current ICT contracts to the post-COVID19 years
10:40 (20 minutes)Short Break
11:00 (40 minutes)Andrés Gutiérrez , Software Development Manager at LedaMCAve Caesar, for those about to governance their IT (we salute you)
11:40 (40 minutes)Roberto Meli, CEO of Data Processing Organisation Srl (DPO)Simple Function Point and Story Point integration in Agile Contract Management
12:20 (40 minutes)Pierre Almen, ISBSG PresidentCertification of AD&M benchmarking service providers

14th October 2021

Time (CEST) and DurationSpeaker/sPresentation
18:00 (20 minutes)Pierre Almen, ISBSG President / Paula Holmberg, ISBSG CEOIT Confidence 2021: An Introduction
18:20 (40 minutes)Sara Jardine, Christian Smart and Kimberly Roye, from Galorath IncorporatedParametric Joint Confidence Level Analysis: A Practical Cost and Schedule Risk Management Approach
19:00 (40 minutes)Francisco Valdés-Souto, President of CosmicIntegrations distinct sources databases to improve the estimation models
19:40 (20 minutes)Short Break
20:00 (40 minutes)Paula Holmberg, ISBSG CEOHave we really improved over the years?
20:40 (40 minutes)Carol Dekkers, Software Metrics Expert from International Cost Estimating & Analysis Association (ICEAA)Advance Preview – ICEAA’s Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge (SCEBoK)
21:20 (40 minutes)Bob Hunt, Dan Galorath, David DeWitt, Kimberly Roye and Karen McRitchie, from Galorath IncorporatedCloud Computing and Costing

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