ISBSG IT Confidence Conferences

Each year ISBSG hosts the IT Confidence Conference.  Software metrics experts from around the world present the latest news and research in the field.

Review presentations from the most recent conference. Also see the archive of presentations from previous conferences

2022 IT Confidence Conference

The most recent ISBSG IT Confidence Conference was held in September 2022.

Speakers from the software metrics industry shared their expert opinions a range of topics. See all presentations below.

Using Data to Make Fact Based Decisions

by Harold Van Heeringen (IDC & NESMA)

Learn how ISBSG data is used to make better decisions regarding application development related issues. Real-life examples are used to demonstrate how to: Win a multimillion-dollar government bid based on a price per FP; Identify high/low-performing agile teams as a starting point to improve and more.

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Low Code/No Code – A New Development Paradigm.

by Marco Perrotti & Luigi Buglione (DXC Technology & GUFPI-ISMA)

“Low Code/No Code” is a new development paradigm. Re-development times (and costs) are reduced when software systems are updated. This presentation introduces core concepts for this paradigm with real-life examples.

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Testing Process Assessment & Functional Quality Benchmarking

by Jesus Alonso (MC Leda)

Quality assurance of the delivered software depends directly on the testing process implemented by the company. This presentation examines how to improve testing processes and how market data can help to achieve this.

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25 Years of ISBSG

by Paula Holmberg (ISBSG) & Pierre Almen (IFPUG)

Much has changed in the IT industry over 25 years. Paula and Pierre examine how software measurement has changed, and the people and organizations that have contributed to ISBSG over this period.

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 conferenceMeasuring VALUE ADDED in Agile Development & Continuous Delivery

BY Pekka Forselius (4SumPartners & FiSMA)

With agile, you choose to develop the functionality that provides the most value for the customer. How can the value of functionality received by the customer be measured?

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Lessons Learned from the ISBSG Maintenance & Support Dataset

by Arlene MinkieWicz (Unison)

It is believed that the effort required for software maintenance activities ranges from 65 – 85 % an application’s total ownership cost.  This study identifies maintenance trends and the effort drivers aligned to the various activities.

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IT Confidence Conference Archives

View all presentations from previous conferences. Presentations are archived by year and the country the conference took place in. Click on a title to see the presentation, below.



2019 – Beijing, China

2018 – Mexico City, Mexico

2017 – Beijing, China

2016 – Los Angeles, USA

2015 – Florence, Italy

2013 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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