ISBSG Productivity Data Query Tool

Making accurate project estimations can be both difficult and challenging.  However, being able to precisely determine project duration, effort and delivery rate are essential for the success of your IT project.

How would you like to benchmark your project estimates against similar projects from the IT industry? At your fingertips, in just a few minutes?  Read on…..

Check the accuracy of your project estimates

  • The ISBSG Development & Enhancement Repository contains project details for more than 9,100 software projects from around the world. Projects originate from a wide range of highly-respected IT and metrics organisations.

  • The Productivity Data Query Tool is interactive and simple to use. Obtain project estimates within minutes!  Change project attribute combinations and re-generate statistics as many times as you wish.

  • The tool enables you to compare your project against similar projects from the ISBSG Repository.  It searches the Repository for projects that match yours and displays the following estimates for them: Project Delivery Rate, Speed of Delivery and Defect Density.

    It then calculates Project Duration and Project Work Effort estimates for your project.

Note: In order to use this tool, your project must be sized using IFPUG 4+, Nesma or FiSMA.

How the Productivity Data Query Tool works

View a short video clip demonstrating the use of the PDQ Too.

A Step-by-Step Description

Step 1

Specify basic information about your project.  You can choose options from drop-down boxes (like those shown in the sample below).  ISBSG projects that match the options that you choose, will be included.

Functional Size

Development Type

Count Standard
Match All ⇩
Match All ⇩Match All ⇩Match All ⇩

Step 2

Choose attributes, from the tool’s drop-down lists, that match your own project.  The possible project attributes are listed below.

Primary programming Language
Organisation Type
Application Type
Maximum Team Size

Web Development
Intended Market

Count Approach

Development Platform

The tool will find projects from the ISBSG Repository that match the attributes. you selected in steps 1 and 2.

Estimates (eg. median, 1st/3rd quartile) for Project Delivery Rate, Speed of Delivery are Defect Density will be displayed for each attribute, individually.

Step 3

Enter your Function Point count (ie. size) of  your project and click the Estimate button.

The PDQ Tool will generate estimates based on All of the attributes you chose in Steps 1 and 2, as well as the size you just specified.  See the sample screen shwon below.

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