Agile Productivity Measurement

Agile software development empowers teams. It enables the product to be  developed centrally instead of having a project-like focus. This has led to less control on a management level.    Read more


Managing AGILE Activities

Agile enables development teams to bring major benefits to software customers.  Read more

Would you like a free copy of: ‘We prefer Facts not Stories – Managing Agile Activities Using Standardised Measures’?


Effort Estimation

This study examines the performance of estimation models built using Story Points and COSMIC Function Points.

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Estimating AGILE Team Size

Would you like a free copy of ‘How to Estimate the Required Team Size of Agile Teams’?

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Productivity is Important

Productivity measurement and improvement is an important activity in most industries, often crucial for their survival.   Read more

Find out the results of a productivity analysis, comparing Agile to traditional methods of development.

New Agile Data Collection Questionnaire

ISBSG has released a new data collection questionnaire specifically for Agile projects.

Download the Agile Data Collection Questionnaire and submit your projects.  Your submission to the ISBSG will help others learn about the productivity of Agile projects.