The ISBSG data is used for benchmarking purposes by IT organisations world-wide.  Students and academics also use the data for research purposes.

All of the data submitted is subjected to our quality assistance processes.  Each project is then rated A to D.  Only A and B rated projects are included in ISBSG reports.

89% of projects are rated A or B.  Definitions for these ratings are

A = The data submitted was assessed as being sound with nothing being identified that might affect its integrity.

B = The submission appears fundamentally sound but there are some factors which could affect the integrity of the submitted data.

The free ISBSG Data Collection Questionnaires will give you ideas on the data to collect.  Some attributes are obvious but others are not and these additional attributes may turn out to be significant when looking for factors that impact productivity.

The three main attributes that people look for are: effort, size and duration.  These factors yield information about the productivity and duration for a project.

Filter the data to display attributes that are more relevant to your project.  Popular filters include: programming language and team size.

Go to the ISBSG Data web page, for more information to see data demographic reports and data samples.

In the May 2019 release of the ISBSG Development & Enhancement Data, 1663 projects were no more than 5 years old.

To see a up-to-date list of industries, go to the ISBSG Data web page and review the current Data Demographics report.

Submit a question via Contact Us and we will respond to your query.

Each project submitted to the ISBSG Repository is validated against specific quality criteria. Each project is then given a rating of “A”, “B”, “C” or “D”.

Anyone can submit data.  Each data entry is verified for completeness and accuracy.

ISBSG Partners are all experts in managing metrics programs.

Please either contact them directly or Contact Us and we will be glad to assit you.