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    2022 release of the Data is now available

A wealth of IT project information

ISBSG has data for more than 11,128 Development & Enhancement projects and 1,673 Maintenance & Support applications.  This data can confirm the accuracy of your own project estimations, by providing a comparison to similar projects from other organizations.  This enables areas for further improvement and adjustment to be highlighted.


The ISBSG project data can be used as a benchmark for: planning, estimation, benchmarking, outsourcing management, standards compliance and budget support.

Data Quality

All data submitted to ISBSG is rigorously checked and cross-checked for quality, before being added to our Repositories.

Data Quality

The ISBSG data is trusted and used by some of the most well-respected companies in the industry. Analyses of the ISBSG data have been compared with analyses of other industry data and found to be consistent.

Development & Enhancement Data

  • ISBSG has 11128 Development & Enhancement projects from more than 26 different countries, representing diverse industry and business types.

  • The data includes:
    – Project description details
    – Size and effort attributes
    – Defect counts
    – Project schedule details
    – Effort per phase
    – Architecture
    – Development/enhancement techniques
    – Platform details

  • Download a free sample of the Development & Enhancement data

Maintenance & Support Data

  • ISBSG has 1673 Maintenance & Support applications from around the world representing diverse industry and business types

  • The data Includes:
    – Organization description details
    – Project description details
    – Effort breakdown for Maintenance activities
    – Effort breakdown for Support activities
    – Effort per application size rates
    – Defect counts
    – Platform and hardware details
    – Programming languages used

  • Download a free sample of the Maintenance & Support data

Improve the planning and estimation of your IT project

Purchase a 12-month ISBSG data subscription and receive:

Data Subscription
$3000 (AUD)
an Excel spreadsheet containing all Development and Enhancement projects
an Excel spreadsheet containing all Maintenance and Support applications
demographics reports for both sets of project data
Managing Your Maintenance & Support Environment report

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