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ISBSG Corporate Subscription

Give your company the winning edge

The Corporate Subscription includes all ISBSG products to help support the successful planning, estimation and management of your IT project.

Receive all ISBSG project data, data updates (as they occur), reports, access to the Productivity Query Tool and a customized report of your choice.

12-month Corporate Subscription licenses are available for 1-10 users or 10 – 49 users.

Benefits of an ISBSG Corporate Subscription

Development & Enhancement Data

Learn about the productivity and effectiveness of other IT teams, through the ISBSG data. Receive data for 10600 software projects from IT and metrics organizations from around the world.

Maintenance & Support Data

Learn about defect rates and the effort required to maintain and support IT projects. Receive data for 1425 software applications from IT, outsourcing and metrics organizations from around the world.

ISBSG Reports

ISBSG reports focus on a range of relevant IT-project topics, related to: planning, design, maintenance and benchmarking. Receive copies of all currently-available reports.

Productivity Data Query Tool

Generates quick estimates to validate your own estimations of project delivery rate, effort and duration. Receive a 12-month subscription to ISBSG’s interactive productivity tool.

Repository Updates

ISBSG receives regular project data submissions for its repositories. Corporate subscribers receive these updates as they occur.

A Report of Your choice

Nominate a relevant topic and ISBSG will research this and write a report tailored to your requirements.

Become an ISBSG Corporate Subscriber

Download a copy of the ISBSG Data License Agreement

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