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National Congress of Software Measurement & Estimation CNMES 2019

  We officially announce the date for our National Congress of Software Measurement and Estimation CNMES 2019.  See you on October 24, at the Faculty of Engineering, UNAM, Mexico City, as a part of the 7th International Research Conference and Innovation in Software Engineering (CONISOFT2019). Do not miss this forum where there will be the […]

Scope Creep Example

Consider this scenario – a customer wants a new report or new screen added to their requirements, after they have been signed off.   Quoting for that is relatively easy, however, what happens if the change impacts many areas of the development? There might be only 1 change but all impacted areas need to be retested. […]

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Benchmarking Objectives

New Agile Data Collection Questionnaire

ISBSG has released and new data collection questionnaire specifically for Agile projects. 2018 February release of the Development & Enhancement data has 169 Agile projects with new submissions to be released in 2019. Download the Agile Data Collection questionnaire and submit your projects to contribute to helping others learn about the productivity of Agile projects.

Benchmarking Example

ISBSG welcomes new Gold Partner – KOSMA

ISBSG is pleased to announce that KOSMA (Korean Software Measurement Association) has joined as a Gold Partner. In Korea, KOSMA conduct research and educational projects.  These are based on a variety of information-related business costs in the neutral position of the ordering organization and the contractor. At the same time, they strive to form a […]