Conference 2021 Call for Presentations

Webinar June 11

Welcome to the webinar for June 11 at 1pm CET   The ‘Planning Game’: how to better estimate your project moving from the right productivity levels Speaker: Luigi Buglione, GUFPI-ISMA Luigi will talk about How ISBSG repositories can help you in deriving a reference productivity  range for your project, observing the way ‘effort’ is managed […]

The Two Mothers of Innovation

By Julián Gómez Bejarano, Chief Digital Officer at LedaMC Nassim Taleb used to say that a ‘black swan’ is an unpredictable event that has a high impact on us. To describe it more simply, he used the example of the turkey that is eaten on American tables when the year comes to an end. From […]

webinar Jan2021

Software Sizing As A Essential Measure: Past, Present, and Future – Dan Galorath, Galorath Mr. Galorath has been involved with engineering, estimating and analysis for 40 years. He founded, grew and still runs Galorath Inc. as its CEO today. During his presentation he will discuss the sizing approximation methods of the 80’s, the use of […]

2020 IT Conference

IT Confidence Conference 2020 Abstracts

Corporate Presentation

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National Congress of Software Measurement & Estimation CNMES 2019

  We officially announce the date for our National Congress of Software Measurement and Estimation CNMES 2019.  See you on October 24, at the Faculty of Engineering, UNAM, Mexico City, as a part of the 7th International Research Conference and Innovation in Software Engineering (CONISOFT2019). Do not miss this forum where there will be the […]

Scope Creep Example

Consider this scenario – a customer wants a new report or new screen added to their requirements, after they have been signed off.   Quoting for that is relatively easy, however, what happens if the change impacts many areas of the development? There might be only 1 change but all impacted areas need to be retested. […]

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