Determining the size of a software application using a specific methodology.

Use of Function Points

Functional size (function points) is universally considered to be the square meter of the software
industry. It is the only international standard used to measure the size of software in a standardized,
objective, repeatable, verifiable and defensible way. 

Software Sizing Methods

Functional size (function points) is the only international standard to measure the size of software in a standardized, objective, repeatable, verifiable and therefore defensible way. This report examines methods used by projects in the ISBSG Data Repository.

Function Point Sizing

Julián Gómez, Brand Manager at LedaMC, discusses the 7 key points of function point methodology. These include: product focus, use by the international community, improved communication between Business and IT, use of indicators to contextualize software developments, standardization of methods to enable comparisons and finally, certification.

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Software Sizing as an Essential Measure

Software sizing is an essential measure. Learn about its use in evaluating open source and other software code.

Software Sizing

Determining software size is a critical step. This presentation presents an overview of early software sizing techniques available.

Project Data Validation

This analysis compares the data from the AMMS database and the studies carried out by ISBSG.

Measuring Microservice and Cloud Applications

Counting examples will be presented in cloud architectures, highlighting critical aspects of functional measurement . This will show their relevance on the accuracy of the results.


Learn about the measurement of device-centric applications. Use approaches to establish the applicability and ensure the repeatability of these measurements. IFPUG Function Point and SNAP methods are applied to IoT wearable devices, such as the FitBit.

Automated Function Points

For decades, Functional Size Measurement has been considered best practice for mature organizations, facilitating crucial management processes such as project estimation, project control, performance measurement, benchmarking, vendor management, contracting and others. 

Ifpug Sizing

This presents the importance of using function points as a benchmarking tool for your software project. In particular, IFPUG sizing is discussed.