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Using ISBSG Data to Measure Team Performance

Calculate key ‘market average’ metrics from ISBSG data. These metrics can then be used to benchmark your team’s performance.

Discover What ISBSG Offers

Find out what ISBSG offers and how ISBSG can help you and your project, with this informative guide.

Software Productivity Measurement

In this industry report, Challenges in Productivity Measurement in the software industry are
addressed and the way ISBSG data can be used to benchmark productivity of completed
projects, releases and sprints is explained.

ISBSG data for Process Improvement

Data is a valuable project asset. It guides project estimation, team performance measurement, vendor contracting and benchmarking. Discover how data can be used to improve the IT processes of your organization.

ISBSG Data Analysis

As corporate subscribers and partners to the International Software Benchmarks Standards Group (ISBSG ), PRICE has access to a wealth of data about software projects.