Control all phases of the projects

CRM Projects

This short paper determines whether there are key factors that influence the productivity and delivery speed of CRM projects.

Legacy Applications

This short paper examines a high-level business case to to rebuild a Cobol legacy application in Java. ISBSG Data, for similar Java projects, provides metrics for: cost, effort, maintenance and support. This information is used as the basis for the business case.

Output Based Contracting

In this short paper, we explain the way ISBSG data can be used to contract application development teams based on output instead of the usual Time & Materials method.

Measuring Value Added

With agile, you choose to develop the functionality that provides the most value for the customer, post-development. What functionality does the customer receive and how can it be measured?

Data for Decisions

Learn how ISBSG data is used in practice to make better decisions regarding Application Development related issues.

Analysis of Cosmic Projects

This short paper focuses on projects, in the ISBSG Repository, that are sized using COSMIC functional-sizing methods.

Cloud Computing

When business leaders move their IT systems and infrastructure into the cloud, their capital is not tied up in maintaining data-centers.

Software Quality Trends

The number of defects per 1000 FP developed indicates the effectiveness of the development and testing process.

Joint Confidence Level

Joint Confidence Level Analysis was successful used for NASA. Learn how parametric and machine learning methods were used.

Historical Data

In DevOps the “Third Way” means “continuous experimentation & learning”. This is the highest maturity level for decision-making.