Efficiency of work output.

Cobol Projects

We examine number of COBOL Projects submitted to the ISBSG Repository, since the year 2000. The median Project Delivery Rates are compared to determine whether there has been an in increase in productivity for COBOL projects.

No-Code Low-Code

“Low Code/No Code” is a new development paradigm. It shortens re-development times (and costs) when an organization decides to move software system/application from old, legacy architecture to a newer, more maintainable one.

Using ISBSG Data to Measure Team Performance

Calculate key ‘market average’ metrics from ISBSG data. These metrics can then be used to benchmark your team’s performance.

Productivity per Industry Sector

Learn more about the productivity of medium-sized projects in various industry sectors.

Productivity Improvements for Java Projects

Java is a powerful, programming language used for many applications. This short paper compares the productivity of different-sized Java projects.

Performance Metrics in Contracts

By incorporating standard metrics into IT contracts, it becomes possible to measure the performance of the vendor. Find out more about the key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used in IT contracts, in our ISBSG short paper.

Productivity of .NET projects

.NET is a popular developer platform used to build applications. .NET productivity data from the ISBSG Repository is analysed in a short paper.

Productivity Trends

This short paper analyses the data from the ISBSG Repository for software project productivity trends.

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

This short paper examines the delivery speed of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects, from the ISBSG Repository.

Analysis of Delivery Speed

This short report focuses on software written in Java, a widely used programming language used for a variety of popular applications. The delivery speed of Java applications, from the ISBSG repository, will be examined.