2021 IT Confidence Conference

2019 IT Conference

ISBSG Gold Partner, SPI China, hosted the 2019 IT Confidence Conference and the Cost Measurement Conference in Beijing, China. See the presentations from the 2019 IT Confidence Conference below: Project behind Schedule – What Are My Options? – Paula Holmberg (Executive Director, ISBSG) So your project is behind schedule.  This presentation compares the different solutions to […]

2018 IT Conference

In September 2018, ISBSG Gold partner – AMMS (Mexican Assocation of Software Metrics) hosted the following events:The IT Confidence Conference 2018 and National Congress of Measurement and Estimation of Software (CNMES). See the presentations from the 2018 IT Confidence Conference below: Software Cost Estimation (finally a real profession) – Harold van Heeringen (ISBSG President) This presentation explores the […]

2017 IT Conference

The 2017 IT Confidence Conference was hosted by Gold partner China Software Process Improvement (China SPI) in September in Beijing. Go to the IT Confidence Conference 2017 web page for more information on the event. Displayed below are the presentations from the 2017 IT Confidence Conference Software Project Benchmarking & Estimation: Contribution of COSMIC FPs – Alain Abran […]

IT Confidence conference and ISBSG workshop 2016

Aligned with the ISBSG workshop, the annual IT Confidence conference was organized in a co-production with the Southern California chapter of the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA: www.iceaaonline.com). In a full day conference, a lot of interesting thoughts on software cost estimation in combination with the use of parametric models and historical data […]


ISBSG and ICEAA Southern California co-organised the 2016 IT Confidence Conference  In 2013, ISBSG organized a one-day conference aligned with the traditional yearly workshop. The name of the conference, IT Confidence, was chosen to stress the fact that the IT industry could actually gain more confidence to deliver successful projects when using mature measurement, estimating […]


Visit the IT Conference Conference 2015 website   Automated FPA within a Continous Integration Environment – T.Barbieri, M.Pasquale We present a prototype of a technical framework to perform AFP (Automated Function Point Analysis) on software built on a canonical architecture (Java Enteprise with Entities modeled using JPA 2.0 – the Java Persistence Framework).  The solution is integrated […]


Analysis of the Factors that Affect Productivity of Enterprise Software – T. Furuyama This presentation reports the analysis results of clarifying factors that affect productivity of enterprise software projects as follows. (1) Productivity is inversely proportional to the root of fifth power of the test case density and fault density respectively. (2) Projects, where high […]


What is your quest for software analytics? –  S. Woodward One of the core considerations with data analytics is recognizing “what is your quest”.  Many options and approaches are used in data analytics, several of which are of interest to the software sector. The world has changed culturally and technically, the need to be value […]