Software Cost Estimation

ICEAA’s Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge (SCEBoK) supports the cost estimation of software projects.

Estimation Models

IT project data enables organizations to generate consistent and statistically significant estimation models.

Cost Estimation

A trading company would like to replace a large legacy application with an application that offers the same functionality.

Senior management understands that an accurate estimate is the basis for a successful project. They intend to carry out an independent cost estimation by a specialized third party.

In this case study, the steps that were carried out are listed and the results are given.

Project Estimation

Time and time again, the software industry struggles to come up with accurate estimates for software development projects, releases, or sprints. Lack of understanding of the performance of development teams in combination with low maturity estimation processes, often result in overly optimistic project estimates that are highly probable to result in failing projects and severe cost and schedule overruns.

Agile Project Estimation

A case study of an Agile project. Learn how estimations of: effort, costs of and testing requirements, were produced in a tight timeframe.

Cosmic Estimate Validation

This case study describes a validation estimates model based on COSMIC sizing. The model uses a density function to help define validation criteria.

Estimating Software Effort

Estimating the effort required to develop software is known as software effort estimation (SEE). The support vector regression (SVR), a machine learning algorithm, has been successfully used for effort estimation of cross company (CC) data sets.

Software Cost Estimation

Exploration of cost estimation in the information technology (IT) industry.

Cost Estimation Model

This detailed statistical and mathematical study examines the factors that influence productivity and work efficiency .  A cost validity model is then proposed to evaluate the proposed cost.

Software Effort Estimation

Select the most appropriate ISBSG (International Software Benchmarking Standards Group) data, for use in Software Development Effort Estimation.