Case Study: Software Cost Estimation For a Large Trading Company

A trading company would like to replace a large legacy application with an application that offers the same functionality. Senior management understands that an accurate estimate is the basis for a successful project. They intend to carry out an independent cost estimate by a specialized third party. In this case study, the steps that were […]

Large Government Department: Australia

Project teams had, over two years, been expressing an opinion that a new way of working was inefficient. IT management and the business only reacted when the fact of a 500% cost increase was proven and presented. See detail report

Case Study: Large Bank in the Netherlands

One of the main banks in the Netherlands was struggling with a major estimation problem. The software realization part of a very big project had to be estimated and there was no history data about such projects available in the organization. In fact, there was no history data at all available. However, as the financial […]