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Meet the ISBSG Board Members

Presenting the IT and Metrics Professionals who play such important roles on the ISBSG Board.

ISBSG Executive Committee

Pierre Almen

Pierre Almen

President of ISBSG

Pierre is an experienced IT manager, management consultant and bench- marking specialist. He is an honorary fellow in the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) and founder of a software metrics network at the Swedish IT Association.

Paula Holmberg

Paula Holmberg

Executive Director and Secretary

Paula has over 25 years experience in IT and she spent 15 of those years working in software measurement. She has previously worked for IBM.

Luigi Buglione

Luigi Buglione

Vice-President of ISBSG

Luigi is a Measurement & Process Improvement Specialist at DXC Technology in Rome, Italy. He is currently the IFPUG Director for Sizing & International Standard and the President of GUFPI-ISMA (the Italian Software Metrics Association).

Raúl Fernández

Raúl Fernández

Honorary Treasurer

Raúl is the Chief Operating Officer at LedaMC, in Spain. He has extensive experience in IT productivity, benchmarking, cost and project control.

Harold van Heeringen

Harold van Heeringen

Immediate Past President

Harold is a principal consultant at Metri, in the Netherlands. He is an experienced consultant in agile team performance, software cost estimation and risk assessment. He is also a board member of the Netherlands Software Metrics Association.

ISBSG Board and Gold Partners

Susan Dai
Beijing Kexin Science and Technology Ltd
P: +86-010-61150056
M:+86 139 102 25707
E: wanghaiqing@ssm-ug.org
website: www.ssm-ug.org

Helen Huang
China SPI (System and Software Process Improvement Association)
M:+8611 992 425
E: huangq@ssmchina.org
website: www.spichina.org.cn

Pekka Forselius
FISMA  (Finnish Software Measurement Association)
P: +35 8505 160416
F: +35 8934 42771
E: pekka.forselius@4sumpartners.com
website: www.fisma.fi

Dan Galorath
Galorath, USA
P: 1 (310) 414 3222
F: 1 (310) 414 3220
E: galorath@galorath.com
website: www.galorath.com

Luigi Buglione
GUFPI-ISMA (Italian Software Metrics Association)
P: +39-335.1214813
E: luigi.buglione@gufpi-isma.org
website: www.gufpi-isma.org

Pierre Almen 
IFPUG  (International Function Point Users Group)
F:+ 1 609 799 7032
E: ifpug@ifpug.org
website: www.ifpug.org

Masayuki Kajiyama
JFPUG  (Japan Function Point User Group)
E: kajiyama@yhat.co.jp
website: www.jfpug.gr.jp

Raúl David Fernández Rodríguez
Leda MC, Spain
P: +34 917 000 373
E: europa@leda-mc.com
website: www.leda-mc.com

Harold van Heeringen
NESMA  (Netherlands Software Metrics Group)
P: +31 (0)6 52327330
E: office@nesma.org & harold.van.heeringen@metrigroup.com
website: www.nesma.org

Arlene Minkiewicz
Unison Global
P: 856-630-9408
E: Arlene.minkiewicz@unisonglobal.com
Website: www.unisonglobal.com


ISBSG Bronze Partners

Alain Abran
COSMIC (Common Software Measurement International Consortium)
website: https://cosmic-sizing.org/

Thomas Fehlmann
Euro Project Office
website: https://e-p-o.com/

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