isbsg benchmarking

Benefits of Benchmarking

Benchmarking allows you to compare the performance of your software development/maintenance project to other projects in the IT industry.

This is valuable given that other IT organisations employ best practices and are considered to be the “best in industry”.

Benchmarking clearly shows key performance areas that require improvement as you aim for excellence in productivity.  Your aim is to maintain Quality and Customer Satisfaction as project performance is improved.

isbsg benchmarking

A Typical Benchmark

A typical benchmark could contain factors such as:

  • Development productivity (hours/function point)
  • Time to market (months/1000FP)
  • Defects/1000 function points
  • Customer satisfaction
  • % on time
  • % on budget
  • % change requests (measure by FP/ delivered FP

Read more about Benchmarking Objectives.

isbsg team size

Let ISBSG Help Your Benchmark

Read about the importance of size when planning project benchmarking.

There are numerous reports that can assist you in creating your targets for your benchmark.  Listed below are just a few.

  • Software Development Performance by Country report
  • Software Defect Density report
  • Project Durations by Size and Effort report

See Report Subscriptions for more details.