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ISBSG Maintenance and Support Data

It is believed that software maintenance activities represents somewhere between 65 and 85 percent of an application’s total ownership cost. This study focuses on ISBSG’s Maintenance and Support data. It identifies maintenance trends for various activities.

Measuring Value Added

With agile, you choose to develop the functionality that provides the most value for the customer, post-development. What functionality does the customer receive and how can it be measured?

Testing Process Assessment

One of the biggest problems in software development is the quality assurance of the delivered product. This depends directly on the testing process used. See how to improve testing processes with the use of market data.

No-Code Low-Code

“Low Code/No Code” is a new development paradigm. It shortens re-development times (and costs) when an organization decides to move software system/application from old, legacy architecture to a newer, more maintainable one.