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Large Government Department: Australia

Project teams had, over two years, been expressing an opinion that a new way of working was inefficient. IT management and the business only reacted when the fact of a 500% cost increase was proven and presented. See detail report

Case Study: Large Bank in the Netherlands

One of the main banks in the Netherlands was struggling with a major estimation problem. The software realization part of a very big project had to be estimated and there was no history data about such projects available in the organization. In fact, there was no history data at all available. However, as the financial […]


Visit the IT Conference Conference 2015 website   Automated FPA within a Continous Integration Environment – T.Barbieri, M.Pasquale We present a prototype of a technical framework to perform AFP (Automated Function Point Analysis) on software built on a canonical architecture (Java Enteprise with Entities modeled using JPA 2.0 – the Java Persistence Framework).  The solution is integrated […]

March 2015 Newsletter

Features Release 13 of the Development and Enhancement (D&E) Repository is now available. 6,760 software projects are now available for you to use as a benchmark for your IT projects. Download ISBSG Newsletter March 2015

September 2014 Newsletter

Features View our free presentation to learn how to improve your organisation’s success, using IFPUG function points and ISBSG data. What you can learn from the U.S. government’s Rocky Rollout project.  Access an infographic, courtesy of Galorath. Download ISBSG Newsletter September2014


Analysis of the Factors that Affect Productivity of Enterprise Software – T. Furuyama This presentation reports the analysis results of clarifying factors that affect productivity of enterprise software projects as follows. (1) Productivity is inversely proportional to the root of fifth power of the test case density and fault density respectively. (2) Projects, where high […]


What is your quest for software analytics? –  S. Woodward One of the core considerations with data analytics is recognizing “what is your quest”.  Many options and approaches are used in data analytics, several of which are of interest to the software sector. The world has changed culturally and technically, the need to be value […]