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Cosmic Joins ISBSG as a Bronze Partner

We are pleased to announce that the COSMIC organization joined the ISBSG as a Bronze Partner. COSMIC is the organization that created and maintains the COSMIC functional size measurement method.  COSMIC is one of the six functional size measurement methods that comply to the ISO/IEC 14143 standard for functional size measurement. Currently the ISBSG ‘Developments […]

January 2017 Newsletter

Software Project Estimation and Benchmarking Made Easy: ISBSG introduces the Online Productivity Data Query Tool (PDQ) Today, the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) announces the introduction of the Productivity Data Query tool as a replacement for the Data portal. Now it becomes easy to select a subset of productivity, speed and quality data from […]

October 2016 Newsletter

ISBSG starts collecting data with online questionnaires ISBSG is facilitating its data submission process for people who want to submit data, but don’t wish to go through the lengthy data collection questionnaires on paper. Short versions of the questionnaires are now available online! If you have some project data, please submit and get a free […]


ISBSG and ICEAA Southern California co-organised the 2016 IT Confidence Conference  In 2013, ISBSG organized a one-day conference aligned with the traditional yearly workshop. The name of the conference, IT Confidence, was chosen to stress the fact that the IT industry could actually gain more confidence to deliver successful projects when using mature measurement, estimating […]

June 2016 Newsletter

ISBSG and China Software Process Improvement Association (China SPI) start partnership ISBSG is very proud to announce the partnership with China SPI. China SPI is a not-for-profit organization in Beijing (China) that provides an ecosystem for its members to improve IT and Software best practices in China. China SPI has over 2000 members in China […]

April 2016 Newsletter

New Front Office n order to shorten the response time for questions and orders, ISBSG has appointed a new front office and a new front office e-mail address. Please use the e-mail address frontoffice@isbsg.org for all ISBSG related questions and queries.   Are government software development projects really less productive than non-government ones? Many people […]

What you can find in the 2016 R1 ISBSG Development & Enhancement Repository

Detailed Information Read a summary report describing what you will find in the ISBSG repository – ISBSG Data Demographics 2016 R1 Read descriptions of the fields contained in the ISBSG Data – ISBSG Repository Field Descriptions Where did the projects come from? The projects have been submitted from 26 different countries. Major contributors are the United […]

International Software Benchmarking Standards Group Overview

ISBSG Mission ISBSG is a not-for-profit organisation that has been helping IT professionals since 1997.  It aims to help you improve the planning and management of your IT projects.  This, in turn, will improve your productivity and  give you better control of your project costs. We achieve this aim through the sharing of knowledge.  2 […]

Large Government Department: Australia

Project teams had, over two years, been expressing an opinion that a new way of working was inefficient. IT management and the business only reacted when the fact of a 500% cost increase was proven and presented. See detail report