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Scope Creep Example

Consider this scenario – a customer wants a new report or new screen added to their requirements, after they have been signed off.   Quoting for that is relatively easy, however, what happens if the change impacts many areas of the development? There might be only 1 change but all impacted areas need to be retested. […]

New Release of D&E Data for 2019

The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) announces the 2019 release of the Development & Enhancements software data repository. Compared to the previous release, almost 1000 projects, releases and sprints have been added. The number of new development projects, releases and series of sprints is now 9,178. The data can be used for many purposes, […]

February 2019 Newsletter

ISBSG releases new data collection form for Agile teams Together with FIS Global, a global leader in financial software, ISBSG has constructed a new data collection questionnaire to capture the performance of Agile teams. This is very important, as in general, ISBSG sees the following happening in the world: The world is turning Agile. More […]