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Supporting IT Research

ISBSG is proud to be a valuable source of information for universities world-wide.

Academics trust the quality of ISBSG project data and use it for their research projects and papers.

Universities That Have Produced Research using ISBSG Data

Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding – Ukraine
Aristotle University Thessaloniki – Greece
Athens University of Economics & Business – Greece
Azad University – Iran
Bournemouth University – UK
Centro Nacional de Investigacion y Desarrollo Tecnologico – Mexico
CMTE, University of Toronto – Canada
Concordia University – Canada
Dakota State University – USA
Digital University Kerala – India
Ecole de Technologie Supereure – Canada
Erasmus University Rotterdam – Netherlands
Federal University of Paraná – Brasil
George Mason University – USA
George Washington University – USA
Hangzhou Dianzi University – China
Harvard University – USA
Hood College – USA
ICREA – Complex Systems Lab – Spain
IKG Punjab Technical University – India
Illinois State University – USA
Indian Institute of Information Technology – India
Indiana University of Pennsylvania – USA
International Institute of Information Technology – India
Islamic Azad University – Iran
IST Studies – Greece

Jaypee University of Engineering & Technology – India
John Hopkins University – USA
Kanazawa Institute of Technology – Japan
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven – Belgium
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology – Thailand
La Trobe University – Australia
Lasell University – U.S.A.
Middle East Technical University – Turkey
National Autonomous University of Mexico – Mexico
National ICT – Australia
National Institute of Technology, Calicut – India
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Northumbria University – UK
PSG College of Technology – India
Stevens Institute of Technology – USA
Tampere University of Technology – Finland
Technical University of Munich – Germany
Thammasat University – Thailand
Tomas Bata University – Czechoslovakia
Universidad Nacional de Colombia – Colombia
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba – Spain
Universidad De Guadalajara – Mexico
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia – Spain
Universität Augsburg – Germany
University Institute of Information – Pakistan
University College London – England

University of Calgary – Canada
University of Castilla La Mancha – Spain
University of Costa Rica
University of Cyprus – Cyprus
University of Houston – USA
University of Jordan – Jordan
Université Libre de Bruxelles –  Belgium
University of Maribor – Slovenia
University of Minnesota – USA
University of Missouri – USA
University of Murcia – Spain
University Nova de Lisboa – Portugal
University of Otago – New Zealand
University of Oviedo – Spain
University of Oxford – UK
University of Pennsylvania – USA
University Putra – Malaysia
University of Quebec – Canada
University of Queensland – Australia
University of Shipbuilding – Ukraine
University of South Florida – USA
University of Southern California – USA
University of Sunderland – UK
University Tel-Aviv – Israel
University of Tennessee at Martin – USA
University of the West of England (UWE) – UK
University of Western Ontario – Canada
Villanova University – USA
Warsaw School of Economics – Poland
West Pomeranian University of Technology – Poland

Research Based on ISBSG Data

See a list of international research projects that have used the ISBSG data.

Great Discounts for Students and Academic Researchers!

We are pleased to offer ISBSG Repository data at a discounted price for academic researchers. 

For details on how to apply for an academic discount, download our Research Application & Policy.

Please note that this offer is subject to approval by ISBSG.

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