ISBSG – The Story So Far

ISBSG (International Software Benchmarking Standards Group) is a not-for-profit organisation.

The ISBSG was founded in Australia in 1997 by a group of national software metrics associations.  Their aim was to promote the use of IT industry data to improve software processes and products.

Today ISBSG has partners from a variety of metrics associations and private corporations.  Clients from around the world use our project data, reports and estimation tool to improve the planning of their software projects.  We also provide resources to universities and academics.

How ISBSG makes planning and estimation simple

The ISBSG is Unique

  • ISBSG has 2 repositories of IT software development / maintenance data.  This data is from trusted, international IT organisations. The data is used by IT customers as a benchmark for IT projects.

Supporting the IT industry

  • ISBSG assists academics who use the ISBSG data as a basis for their research.
  • Support is provided for ISBSG partners from IT and metrics organisations from around the world. See a list of ISBSG current partners.
  • ISBSG promotes the sharing of knowledge and best practices through its annual conferences.

You can trust the ISBSG Data

  • it is validated and rated in accordance with strict quality guidelines
  • it is current and representative of the industry
  • it originates from a range of different organisations from around the world