Measuring VALUE ADDED in agile development and continuous delivery

Pekka Forselius (4SumPartners & FiSMA)

In the agile world, you choose to develop the functionality that provides the most value for the customer, post-development. But what is the value of functionality the customer gets, and  how can it be measured? If we do not know it – then there can be no prioritization.

As a customer, you pay to have a product developed – maybe EUR 100,000 a month over probably a longer period. You want to know what you are getting and when. To assess whether your investment makes sense, you want to know what value the delivery has for you. Otherwise, you cannot  judge whether it is a good business for you.

But how is the value calculated? There are several things that come into play. The effect of using the  product (what can it bring in, for example, in connection with effectivization when using the product),  what is the quality and what is the extent of the solution.

See a pdf of Pekka’s presentation.

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