Cloud Computing and Costing

Over the past decade, business leaders have increasingly chosen to move their IT systems and infrastructure into the cloud. Using the cloud allows them to not tie up capital in data center equipment, and to not have to continually increase IT staff to maintain that infrastructure. This enables them to focus on their efforts on getting business value from digital initiatives.

Moving to the cloud is essentially an IT outsourcing decision. Effectively understanding cost implications are key to measuring business value. Those tasked with costing digital transformation and cloud migration efforts must be able to answer key questions:
• What cloud services do I need to do to meet my requirements?
• What is the purchase price of required cloud services, and what internal costs do they offset?
• Is the current application portfolio cloud ready?
• Do modifications need to be made to be hosted in the cloud?
• What are the risks for any given vendor?

This presentation will discuss commercial models provided by major cloud services providers and will demonstrate how to use SEER IT to develop a complete life cycle cost for a cloud outsourcing decision.

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