The Third Way and the emergency of historical data: from current ICT contracts to the post-COVID19 years

Luigi Buglione

In DevOps the “Third Way” means “continuous experimentation & learning”. This is the highest maturity level in an ordinal scale, implying an organization store and use (any kind of) data, information and knowledge for the decision-making process.

Looking at the current way ICT contracts use and deal with measures, it seems that such maturity is lower than expected. Also, several issues are revealed from a quick read of bids and technical documents. There are several inaccurate assumptions that lead all stakeholders to achieve less value than they could.

Best practices (and standards) from the benchmarking field (as well as the ISO 29155 series) could be a valid ingredient to improve and learn.

This presentation shall present examples from the ‘as-is’ situation for a ‘to-be’ one, considering the higher complexity that the Digital Transformation is presenting for the post-COVID19 period

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