Ave Caesar, for those about to governance their IT (we salute you)

Andrés Gutiérrez 

We will learn from great leaders who had in their hands, feats of (almost) the same nature as the feat of the digital transformation of a company, of our company.

From the hand of the Roman emperors, from the hand of Taiicho Ohno with his Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing) and some more guests we will learn which are the main practices that will allow us to achieve the maximum of digital transformation: benchmarking.

If we transform without getting the benefits we are promised, this transformation will be a failure. Learning the right real practices, practices of recognized success to help us in such a great task, will be a determining point to achieve success. We will see data from real cases to document the techniques shown. It will be a journey towards the success of our transformation accompanied by the greatest experts in Leadership and Governance in history. I wouldn’t miss it. Alea jacta est!

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