Webinar February

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Speaker: Paula Holmberg, ISBSG Executive Director

15th February 2022. Click here to check your time-zone

Customers often wonder “What information is in the ISBSG data?” and How can the data be used?” This session (not really a webinar) is interactive and allows you to ask questions about the ISBSG data.  We will examine the data, to increase understanding, and demonstrate how it can be used.

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Cloud Computing

When business leaders move their IT systems and infrastructure into the cloud, their capital is not tied up in maintaining data-centers.

Software Quality Trends

The number of defects per 1000 FP developed indicates the effectiveness of the development and testing process.

Software Cost Estimation

ICEAA’s Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge (SCEBoK) supports the cost estimation of software projects.

Productivity Improvements

The ISBSG Development and Enhancement Repository contains data for software projects that can track productivity improvements.

Estimation Models

IT project data enables organizations to generate consistent and statistically significant estimation models.

Joint Confidence Level

Joint Confidence Level Analysis was successful used for NASA. Learn how parametric and machine learning methods were used.

Benchmarking Projects

Benchmarking enables: comparisons of productivity, quality, time to market, cost efficiency and project estimations.

Simple Function Point

The contractual management of Agile projects increases the importance of accurate sizing methods.


Using the example of Toyota, we will learn the main practices that allow maximum digital transformation: benchmarking.