IT Conference 2020

Software Productivity Versus Speed

The Project Delivery Rate of a project expresses how many effort hours were
spent, on average, to create one function point. Speed expresses how many
function points are created per calendar month. So there is a relationship since
both metrics refer to effort and time. The question is: “How are these metrics

Low-code Project Productivity

A high-level analysis is given of the productivity differences between traditional languages, such as Java or .Net and low code technologies (i.e. drag and drop).

Java Project Productivity

Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. There is a lot of available data of Java projects in the  2021 ISBSG Development & Enhancement repository – over 2000 projects. This short paper examines the productivity of these projects.

Software Productivity Measurement

In this industry report, Challenges in Productivity Measurement in the software industry are
addressed and the way ISBSG data can be used to benchmark productivity of completed
projects, releases and sprints is explained.

Software Sizing Methods

Functional size (function points) is the only international standard to measure the size of software in a standardized, objective, repeatable, verifiable and therefore defensible way. This report examines methods used by projects in the ISBSG Data Repository.

Software Benchmarking Goals

An objective of software benchmarking is to obtain a balanced approach to software development ensuring that important project factors are considered.

Project Estimation

Time and time again, the software industry struggles to come up with accurate estimates for software development projects, releases, or sprints. Lack of understanding of the performance of development teams in combination with low maturity estimation processes, often result in overly optimistic project estimates that are highly probable to result in failing projects and severe cost and schedule overruns.

Agile Project Productivity

As the ISBSG repository contains more data of projects carried out in an agile way of working, analysis of differences between traditional projects and agile projects becomes more significant. In this report, the difference in productivity between traditional and agile projects is analyzed.

Agile Team Size Estimation

For agile teams, it’s usually quite easy to estimate the cost. The important management questions are: How many people should be in the team in order to have specific functionality at a given time? How can progress be measured during this time?