September 2020 Newsletter

ISBSG New Data Release



On 28th August we announced the new release for both the Development & Enhancement and Maintenance & Support data repositories. With the conferences happening at that time it was slightly overshadowed.

Agile was a popular topic of discussion, at the 2020 IT conference because everyone wants Agile information. Over 250 projects added to the latest release of data are Agile, using languages: .Net, Java, ABAP or Oracle. Aside from functional size and effort, the breakdown includes: number of Sprints/Iterations and the length of the sprint in days.

Whilst everyone is talking Agile there is still so much Waterfall work out there. Almost 300 projects in the ISBSG Data Repository are Waterfall. Languages include: Java, Visual Basic, Amdocs, .NET, ABAP and PL/SQL.

For the first time in many years we have released the Maintenance & Support data. Previously the Maintenance & Support data was licensed separately but now it is included in the Data Subscription subscription.

The full demographics of the data can be found at where you can download the demographics report and a sample of the data.

2020 IT Conference Wrap

August and September were very busy months, as this was the first time that ISBSG hosted its annual conference on Zoom. 270 attendees listened to metrics experts speak over 2 different days. The 2 sessions were scheduled to enable everyone from around the world to attend.

Recordings of all presentations can be accessed at, as well as pdfs containing the Powerpoints that were presented.

For those who attended the conference, the discount on the new release is only available until 3rd October.

ISBSG Annual General Meeting

The ISBSG Annual General Meeting was held on 22nd September. We welcome Pierre Almen back as president for the 2nd year. We also welcome Pekka Forselius as Vice President and Raul Fernandez as Treasurer. We thank Helen Huang for holding the position of Vice President in the previous year.

IWSM Mensura + CNMES 2020

Mexican Association of Software Metrics (AMMS) is a valued ISBSG Gold Partner. Together with COSMIC they are hosting IWSM Mensura + CNMES 2020 as a virtual conference this year, 29th-30th October. Admission is FREE.
Please register for the event at
See flyer below for more details.