Software Estimation: How to use ISBSG data for early software sizing?

by Alain Abran

In software estimation figuring out early the expected software size is the first critical step. This is quite a challenge when at estimation time the requirements are still fuzzy and incomplete!

This is even more challenging than determining the total volume of an iceberg when only its tip is visible! For software estimations, there are no physics laws to help!

How can ISBSG data help? This presentation will present an overview of early software sizing techniques available to practitioners to tackle this software-iceberg challenge.

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About Alain

Dr. Abran’s research expertise includes: software estimation, software quality measurement, software functional size measurement, software project & risks management and software maintenance management. Dr. Abran holds a Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering and master degrees in Management Sciences and Electrical Engineering.
His 20 years of work in software development and management within the Canadian banking industry and +20 years of teaching and research. He is active in professional associations and in R&D as an adjunct professor at ETS. Dr. Abran’s industry-oriented research has influenced a number of international standards in software engineering. He has published peer-reviewed papers and books.