Validation Information in the Mexican Reference Database Using the ISBSG Database – Francisco Valdés-Souto

In Mexico, the use of functional size measurement is promoted using COSMIC standards. COSMIC is a Mexican Standard (NMX-I-19761). It has three qualifiers defined by the Mexican Association of Software Metrics (AMMS):

  • BASIC – international standards that allow the generation of derived metrics in the future.
  • TRANSVERSAL – serves all economic and software development roles to perform their functions (development, test, D&A, self-management, etc.) and transactions (buying and selling, bids, using, etc.).
  • TRANSCENDENT – allows comparison over time (forward and backward) and through different practices and changing technologies.

The AMMS created a reference database for the Mexican Software Development Industry. Projects were sized using EPCU approximation approach. It contained project effort, cost and size.

This conference presents an analysis and comparison of some of the results obtained with the AMMS database and the studies carried out by ISBSG.

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About Francisco

President of COSMIC, Dr. Francisco Valdés Souto, is an Associate Professor of the Faculty of Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He has a Doctorate in Software Engineering, specializing in Software Measurement and Estimation at the École de Technologie Supérieure ( ETS) and two master’s Degrees in México and France. More than 20 years of experience in critical software development, Founder of SPINGERE, the first Mexican company specialized in software measurement, estimation and evaluation, as well as Founder of the Mexican Association of Software Metrics (AMMS). He is the main promoter of formal software metrics in Mexico, promoting COSMIC as a National Standard. His research interests are software measurement and estimation applied to software project management (i.e. scope management and economics).