Measuring Microservice Architectures and Cloud Applications

by Marcello Sgamma

Fragmentation of software architectures in recent years has led, starting from the monolithic approach, to SOA architectures, and then to microservice architectures and their deployment in the cloud. This has led to mixing developments (PaaS) and configurations of existing functionalities (SaaS).

Considering functional measurement of software complexity, initial stages of FPA have gained importance. This includes the type and scope of the measurement, appropriate identification of boundaries and correct granularity of BFCs. These aspects often have different relevance and impact in the various architectures.

Counting examples will be presented in cloud architectures, highlighting critical aspects of functional measurement . This will show their relevance on the accuracy of the results.

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About Marcello

I graduated in Information Sciences at the University of Pisa, with a diploma from the Scuola Normale Superiore.  I chose industry, entering Tecsiel,  contributing to the construction of different systems, such as technical assistance, judiciary, governance, and various e-commerce portals.