Automated Function Points, the Game Changer!

by Harold van Heeringen

For decades, Functional Size Measurement has been considered best practice for mature organizations, facilitating crucial management processes such as project estimation, project control, performance measurement, benchmarking, vendor management, contracting and others.  Functional size measurement methods are ISO standardized and therefore objective, repeatable, verifiable, auditable, and defensible.

The industry needs a way to objectively size the amount of functionality provided to the business. The concept of Automated Function Points promises a solution to the issue. When functional size per sprint or release can be measured automatically, the ‘waste’ argument of the teams is not longer valid, while the metrics based on automated function points can be used to compare outside of the team, and for instance in vendor management and contracts.

In this presentation,  I’ll show how Automated Function Points have the potential to completely change the game, resulting in more mature IT organizations that are in control, using standardized metrics instead of people’s opinions

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About Harold

Harold van Heeringen is a business economics graduate from the university of Groningen. He has worked for IT service provider Sogeti for 17 years as a senior consultant software metrics/cost estimation consultant. He then moved to METRI, as a principal consultant and practice lead for IT Intelligence services (including Estimation & Performance Measurement). Harold is a past president of ISBSG and is a director on the board. He is also board member of Nesma, where he is responsible for international partnerships and cooperation. Harold regularly publishes white papers, blogs and articles on software metrics, performance measurement.