The 20M€ Tender Challenge, a Real Case Study of Estimation of a Very Big Agile Initiative

by Manuel Buitrago

We received an offer from a client that seemed impossible. They needed us to estimate the effort and the market-adjusted cost of a +20M€ agile development. This had to include a precise estimate of tests to be carried out and needed to be delivered within 10 days! Doesn’t it sound impossible to achieve?

This talk will be about what we did and how we successfully managed this challenge in just 10 days.

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About Manuel

Manuel Buitrago is a senior expert in software metrics, software functional size measurement, software project & risks management. Manuel is also a member of the IFPUG Certification Committee and IFPUG Certified Function Point Specialist. With over 15 years of experience, he’s been dedicated to maximize efficiency of software development teams and projects for different international clients all across Europe. Manuel is currently working as service manager for a major Telco client, leading a software measurement team to ensure that contractual metrics agreements are met for vendors that provide both waterfall and agile development teams.