9th  ISBSG Conference on Software Data Collection, Analysis and Benchmarking

The 2nd virtual IT Confidence conference, free of charge for everybody to attend

October 8 and 14, 2021 (by Zoom)

Issues faced by project teams

Software-intensive organizations (SIOs) realise the significance of measurement processes for informed decision-making and managing software processes, products and projects. Measurement represents an important enabler for software systems and service-process improvements. But when starting an improvement program, SIOs do not always have historical project data.  This can significantly increase time, effort and costs for obtaining a positive return on investment (ROI).

Since many organizations have adopted an agile way of working, the use of standardized data and metrics is even more important. Many CxO level managers experience lack of grip and predictability without standardized management information. Therefore decision-making based on facts is increasingly difficult.  While the teams themselves often think they are very predictable, using non standardized story point metrics, research shows actual predictability is very low, in most cases.


ISBSG helps the industry by providing an independent source of software project data that can be used for various fact-based decision making processes.

Drawing on the ISBSG’s 20-year experience, this conference will provide a forum for both practitioners and researchers to discuss the most recent advances in data collection, analysis, standardization, and benchmarking.

We invite IT industry experts and leaders to present their ideas and experiences

We invite professionals responsible for, involved in, or interested in data collection, analysis, standardization, and benchmarking to share innovative ideas, experiences, and concerns within this scope. The conference targets two types of contributions: (1) Experience contributions: e.g. problem statements and practiced solutions in planning and using benchmarking practices for helping and driving strategic decision-making, and (2) Research contributions: e.g. empirical studies, hypothesized models, and suggestions for establishing effective benchmarking programs for improving software/service value management.

Conference topics include but are not limited to:

  • Approaches for cost-effective and sustainable benchmarking programs
  • Approaches to use standardized data for fact-based decision making, especially in agile environments
  • Approaches for standardized data collection, analysis, and standardization practices
  • Innovative Software Cost Estimation approaches, using parametric models and historical data
  • Requirements and constraints for designing effective benchmarking programs to achieve a better value management
  • Benchmarking in SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises) and VSE (Very Small Entities) and related constraints
  • Internal and external benchmarking for better strategic, tactical and operational decision-making
  • Empirical studies on what could be the most effective measures/KPI to be considered in a benchmarking program and their level of granularity for properly supporting the decision-making process
  • Alignment of business, tactical and operational goals and timing for revising the benchmarking strategy
  • PDR/productivity variances and evidences in the COVID-19 period

Presentations must not be longer than 25 slides, include no advertising (maximum of a single slide presenting your own organization). The abstract can be written in MS-Word and should not be longer than 1 A4 page.

The Conference language is English.

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